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GoSol – Solar Energy for ALL

February 28, 2015

Onwards and upwards! Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve extremely proud to present you with the amazing group of humans with whom I’m working alongside to ensure that every person on the planet has access to the energy that they need to live sustainable, healthy, fulfilled lives:

Check out this video introduction to the team.

It’s a tremendous learning experience working with these intelligent, creative and caring people. We all come from different countries and have very different backgrounds and skill sets but we share the same objective – empower everyone.

We’ve created which is the hub from which we will be spreading our concentrated solar thermal solutions.

vision design reality

If you’ve been following this blog for a while you know how big an issue heat energy is for billions of people across the developing world. You also know about the extraordinary abundance of sunlight falling from the sky. is where the action is these days, but I’ll be sure to post some memorable stories here over the course of the next year, which will be remembered as the year it happened.

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